1st Quarter 2019 – Update

1st Quarter 2019 – Update

PRPO – Precipio, Inc.

As expected, the reverse split has been completed. So, how far down will we decline? While the company press releases have been positive over the last few months, the underlying fundamentals and financial environment that led to the slow decline, I believe, remains in place. Anticipated in the upcoming few weeks, first quarter results should be very illuminating to the company’s condition. For new investors, I would recommending waiting an additional quarter before considering to invest. The newly announced ‘expansion’ strategy will require additional capital so I expect the share price should decline to around the $5 level before any meaningful bottom line profits are recognized from any initiatives/commercialization efforts currently in progress. Still, very interesting opportunities should be ahead for PRPO.

WATT – Energous Corporation

The market received 1st quarter 2019 operating results and additional details in the following shareholder call. I’m thinking that most will find that the current hindrance to share price appreciation was hearing again of more delays from tier one customers. As such, it should impact operating results for the first half of the year. I’m still excited about the commercialization prospects for the company’s WattUp technology and expect the share price to remain range bound through the next quarter. Any dips will provide buying opportunities which I plan on taking advantage of.

XXII – 22nd Century Group, Inc.

I remain in sit and hold mode for this company. Not expecting anything to move the share price significantly until the FDA makes a decision on the company’s MRTP application. The share price should also reflect this stagnant period.

TRXC – TransEnterix, Inc.

Look out, bears dug their claws into this one after TRXC announced recent 1st quarter results! Reading between the lines of the language coming from management, seems to indicate tougher than anticipated times ahead even as this is following the banner 2018 year described as a ‘trans-formative’ year for the company. I believe management is having to spend additional time trying to maneuver a path forward for their technology. The growth strategy of trying to avoid direct robotic competition with ISRG, I’m thinking, is leaving TRXC with extremely little geographic options and surgical niches to explore. This uncertainty may provide a flat lined trend in share price into the 3rd quarter of 2019. Around the current price, I can see as a buying opportunity as I expect a rebound in price to come towards the end of the year.