It’s Inevitable

It’s Inevitable

It’s closing in on a year, March 25th to be exact, of Precipio’s stock price not meeting Nasdaq’s listing price requirement. And it’s now down to the wire for management to make good on their claim in avoiding a reverse split to remain listed on the exchange.

So, what now?

Apparently, the rumor is that the company is in discussions with other large organizations regarding it’s IV-Cell and Ice Cold PCR (ICP) technologies. It’s possible that these discussions will close and the result is providing significant profits for Precipio. This positive influx will be reflected in the price move upwards. I’m betting that while these discussions may end with a deal in the near future, it won’t be this week or next – near future. So, I’m calling for a reverse split to be the outcome. And let’s hope that post RS these deals do come to fruition as to warrant appreciation in price instead of the all to common downtrend that is to be expected following this event.

Let’s think market reality here, with the company’s stock firmly within the grasp of short selling and dilution, any sequence of news that can make the share price soar close to 600% over the next week will be impressive, almost astronomical! And not only should it rocket by about 600%, but also stay above one dollar for ten consecutive days afterwards, in this stock market! Uh, sure, okay. As stated by management, a reverse split will be implemented as a last resort. My market experience is saying, it’s their only option. Time will tell.


Great timing for the recent shareholder update letter. Seems management is going to buy an additional two months before any action regarding the listing price must be taken. In my view, the transparency of the release is definitely a positive for shareholders and presents a promising opportunity.