Hello reader and welcome to the Growth Portfolio Blog!
I am your host, Kevo Burroughs. This is a blog for the practicing investor with a long term focus in mind. Our markets are filled with thousands of companies across many sectors and industries, so it can be difficult and extremely time consuming to comb through filings and comprehend the sometimes unintelligible market noise. I continue to scour the markets for those perfect micro and small cap opportunities and have accumulated a few picks that I believe should be considered for your portfolio. Current 2018 picks include TRXC, NVAX, SIFY, VSTM, PRPO, and XXII.

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Position Details

Take a look below. Here you will find quote information as well as entry details for the companies I’m invested in. After two years from the date of purchase, or entry date, my goal is 100% in share price growth should be obtained or exceeded.

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   2 yr target

    TRXC            Sept. 25, 2017                  $ 1.28                         $ 2.60               

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   2 yr target

NVAX            June 21, 2017                  $ 1.14                             $ 2.28              

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   1 yr target

      PRPO              April 9, 2018                   $ 0.44                         $ 1.08                   

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   1 yr target

VSTM          Jan. 11, 2018                 $ 3.02                           $ 6.04              

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   2 yr target

SIFY              May 30, 2017                $ 0.81                            $ 1.62          

Ticker   |   entry date   |   entry price   |   2 yr target

XXII             June 28, 2016               $ 0.80                             $ 3.50       



Following the encouragement of a close friend, my goal in creating this site is to provide you with my insights into the how and why of particular small cap companies I’ve chosen to be great candidates for long term portfolio growth.

My experience in trading and investing started as a hobby over 10 years ago and I remain attracted to this art because of my thirst for business knowledge and the drive to be successful. Identifying and timing companies that are on the cusp of aggressive growth can be a very daunting task that is not for the impatient.

Many hours past, present, and future, have been and will be spent researching these companies and I will disclose that I do have positions in them. I believe these small cap candidates have the potential to provide significant returns on an investment. Time will tell. Happy profiting!