Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company – AXN

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company – AXN

The end of the road has been reached for this company! And I have to say, it will not be missed. Today, AXN has announced a deregistration of their common stock and eventual delisting. The main reason for this action gravitating towards the company’s financial woes.

So, what are some takeaways? A lack of communication between a company and its shareholders is one point that I would bring to light with AXN. The inability to keep investors aware of company activities, at a point when relying on investors may have helped the financial situation, could have played a role in the continuing decline of the stock price. Another takeaway is the revolving door of the chief financial officer position. It seemed every couple of years or so, a new CFO took the helm only to resign a couple years later.

The company continues to have potential in China. For now that remains to be seen…


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