3rd Quarter 2017 – Growth Portfolio Update

3rd Quarter 2017 – Growth Portfolio Update

AXN – As mentioned in the recent Aoxing Pharmaceutical blog, I ended my position in this stock as the company announced a delisting of their common stock. The remaining proceeds have been reinvested into 22nd Century Group and TransEnterix Inc.

OBCI – Continuing to hold steady in this growth stock as it tracks towards $6. Key notables include expansion of manufacturing facility, entry into the pet cleaning market, established trend of year over year sales growth, and the recent special dividend.

SIFY – I hope you were able to benefit from the recent uptrend as I have! I have recently exited my position to lock in a 140% gain. I am weighing the option of waiting for the dip and settle or opening a new position in another company, such as XGTI or NSPR.

XXII – Continuing to add here and there. I am still excited about the growth potential here and believe it is only a matter of time until management begins signing deals and generating substantial revenue.

NVAX – Continuing to hold my position here with no increases or decreases in position.

TRXC – Opened a recent position during the quarter here as signs from my research point to a potentially large commercial opportunity if the FDA grants their Senhance robotics system approval.