Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company – AXN

The end of the road has been reached for this company! And I have to say, it will not be missed. Today, AXN has announced a deregistration of their common stock and eventual delisting. The main reason for this action gravitating towards the company’s financial woes.

So, what are some takeaways? A lack of communication between a company and its shareholders is one point that I would bring to light with AXN. The inability to keep investors aware of company activities, at a point when relying on investors may have helped the financial situation, could have played a role in the continuing decline of the stock price. Another takeaway is the revolving door of the chief financial officer position. It seemed every couple of years or so, a new CFO took the helm only to resign a couple years later.

The company continues to have potential in China. For now that remains to be seen…


Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company – AXN

The Chinese Pharmaceutical landscape is chock full of companies. Many with cutting edge developments and growing revenues. In particular, the demand for pain management medication is growing as the culture is slowly transitioning from one rooted in traditional beliefs and herbal therapies to one of pills and operations. I’m attributing this trend to advancements in therapies and western influence. This brings me to Aoxing Pharmaceutical.

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