Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company – AXN

The Chinese Pharmaceutical landscape is chock full of companies. Many with cutting edge developments and growing revenues. In particular, the demand for pain management medication is growing as the culture is slowly transitioning from one rooted in traditional beliefs and herbal therapies to one of pills and operations. I’m attributing this trend to advancements in therapies and western influence. This brings me to Aoxing Pharmaceutical.

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Getting Started!

In my beginnings as a novice investor in the market, many years were spent trying to identify a particular investment strategy that worked for me. Short term, swing, day trading, dividends, you name it, I tried it! Finally, after taking a step back and re-evaluating myself and the slew of trading methods available, I was best suited for long term growth. As you well know with any company in the global markets, research, education, and constant due diligence are essential tools in evaluating a potential candidate for your portfolio. I want to share with you some of my findings.